As a basketball coach you will often form the first lasting impression that participants and their families have with our game. Basketball throughout Australia relies on dedicated volunteers to teach people how to play the game and compete.

Becoming a basketball coach is simple:


Want to take your coaching to next level? We encourage you to contact our Representative Development Committee to enquire about connecting with a Coach Mentor or assisting / participating in our Bears Representative Program. This can be as little as coming to watch our rep teams and coaches in action to get ideas for training drills or arranging for a Coach Mentor to come along to one of your training sessions. Those wanting more and wanting to dive in, our Development Committee can help connect you with one of our Head Coaches to enquire about assisting one of our Representative Teams in South West Regional & State based Carnivals.


Click on the links below to download the relevant pdf files.

BWA Style of Play Domestic Coach Guide

Australian Sports Commission Basketball Handbook

Breakthrough Basketball Drills

Breakthrough Basketball Drills booklet by Jeff & Joe Haefner discusses 72 of the their favorite drills in order to help you successful coach your players and keep them working hard.

BBA Introduction to Coaching Manual

This booklet is designed to introduce the first time basketball coach to coaching the sport of basketball.

The information in the booklet has been put into four areas:


Basketball Australia National Curriculum

Please feel free to contact one of our representative coaching staff at with any questions that you may have with coaching your team.

Our experienced coaches can provide assistance with helping run your training sessions if required.


Bunbury Basketball Association has various coaching DVD’s and books available for all coaches within the BBA.


1Defence2-3 Match-Up Zone DefenceJim Boeheim
2Defence3-2 zone defence drills & moreJim Foster
3DefenceDefending America's most popular playsFran Fraschilla
4DefenceIn Your Face Pressure Defence SkillsBilly Gillispe
5Defence3-2 Point Zone DefencePaul Hewitt
6DefenceDrills For DefenceMike K (Duke)
7DefenceDefenceRick Pitino
8DefenceScramble Defensive SystemRoy Williams
9Defence35 Dynamic Defensive DrillsWinning Hoops
10OffenseMotion OffenseMike Brey
11OffenseOffensive FootworkMike Brey
12OffenseSpread Pick & Roll OffenseBilly Donovan
13OffenseBreaking The PressMike K (Duke)
14Offense4 out - 1 in Motion Defence (Disc 1)Rick Majerus
15Offense4 out - 1 in Motion Defence (Disc 2)Rick Majerus
16Offense4 out - 1 in Motion Defence (Disc 3)Rick Majerus
17OffenseHow to Beat Any Pressure DefenceDave Odom
18OffenseOffenseRick Pitino
19OffenseMy Favourite Drills & Motion OffenseGregg Popovich
20OffenseTransitionBruce Webber
21OffenseBuilding the Dribble Motion OffenseHerb Welling
22OffenseDribble Motion OffenseHerb Welling
23OffenseInbound PlaysWinning Hoops
24OffenseSet Plays to Attack Zone DefencesWinning Hoops
25OffenseTriangle OffenseTex Winter
26 SkillsMoving Without the BallSteve Alford
27 SkillsShooting & MotionSteve Alford
28 SkillsShooting & Triple ThreatGanan Baker
29 SkillsTraining in the Triple Threat IIGanan Baker
30 SkillsBetter Post PlayBetter Basketball
31 SkillsSkill Development For Inside & Perimeter PlayersKevin Eastman
32 SkillsPost PlayPete Newell
33 SkillsOff Season WorkoutsAlan Stein
34 Skills30 Drills For Building The Complete GuardKevin Sutton
35PlaybookWinning PlaybookDon Meyer
36TeamThe Definite DozenPat Summit