Bunbury Basketball Association has always been a volunteer organization, operating out of Southway Hall in 1956, then Queens Gardens in 1961 and Hay Park from 1971 on six bitumen courts, with competitions several nights a week.

In 1980, BBA moved to Hay Park Recreation Centre, later named the South West Sports Centre, as inaugural tenants.

‘Reinforcing a thriving basketball community encouraging fun, development & opportunity for all’

Core Values
Encourage: healthy, positive promotion of players, volunteers, coaches and referees
Respect: balance healthy competition with dignified treatment of all people within the Bunbury Basketball Association (BBA)
Inclusion: engaging all cultures, backgrounds, genders and abilities in increased participant development, belonging and fun
Teamwork: working together for an inclusive and inspiring BBA
Governance: honesty, integrity, transparent administration and stewardship of the game

Strategic Aims
1) Partnerships: reinforce strong community networks with all valued stake-holders
2) Growth: encourage continual participation growth
3) Regional Hub: affirm and expand the City of Bunbury’s place and position in regional basketball excellence and inclusive sporting opportunities for all.

1) Community Participation: create equity in basketball engagement pathways, promote sports leadership partnerships and implement continuous evaluation strategies
2) Governance and Infrastructure: sound business governance and board representation to progress the BBA’s facilities and participant growth agendas
3) Pathways: expand local facilities in order to promote multi-sport regional sporting excellence and high-performance pathways


Click on the links below to view the relevant pdf files.

City of Bunbury Sport & Rec Strategy 2019 - 2029

10th Dec 2019
City of Bunbury Council endorsed the Sport & Recreation Strategy 2019 – 2029 & accepted the Exec. Recommendations to allocate funds for a Business Case for the South West Sports Centre

BBA submission to City of Bunbury

BBA submission to City of Bunbury draft Sport & Recreation Strategy, 2019 – 2029

Basketball WA Letter to City of Bunbury

Basketball WA submitted this letter to the City of Bunbury Sport & Recreation Strategy, September 2019.

MARKYT Community Scorecard

Refer to last two pages regarding indoor courts.

BBA team growth projection to 2024

This document describes the team growth projection based on historical growth, population projection hasn’t been incorporated.

Meeting with City of Bunbury Mayor, CEO & DSR

Meeting Agenda, 27th July 2018. Basketball WA CEO Rob Clement, BBA, Mayor, CEO & DSR.

City of Bunbury Needs Analysis Survey, Dec 2018

City of Bunbury requested a Needs Analysis from Bunbury Basketball Association. This document highlights the areas of demand.

BBA Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023

Ratified by BBA Board, 14th Feb 2019. A detailed Strategic Plan for the future direction of Bunbury Basketball Assoc.

City of Bunbury Survey of BBA, June 2018

City of Bunbury Sport & Recreation Association Survey, June 2018. Bunbury Basketball Association submission.

DSR Bunbury-Wellington Sports Facilities Plan

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, extract from Bunbury-Wellington Sports Facilities Plan November 2013. This document highlights that the South West Sports Centre has the highest potential to contribute to economic growth of sport in the region.

Please feel free to contact our association at for further details or with any questions that you may have in regard to our strategic development.

BBA is committed to working with all relevant stakeholders to ensure we maintain a high-quality competition that caters to the needs of our growing South West community.